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Custom Showers

Spring brings thouts of showers, and showers are taking a new direction in bathroom remodels. Homeowners are moving away from metal-framed doors and preferring frameless doors with thicker glass.

What else is new with shower enclosures? Accoeding to some bathroom designers, quite a bit is new, starting with the finish. Chrome can still be found in bathrooms, but many builders have moved far beyound chrome, and are including silver, brushed nickel and bronze for faucets, hinges, towel racks and other hardware. The colors and hues of the hardware then can be echoed elsewhere in the room, from the floor and wall tiles to the artwork hung on walls.

Glass choice has taken center stage as well, and frosted and patterned glass are no longer the only choices. Fluted, beveled and etched patterns are options for homeowners desired more provacy in the bathroom. However, clear glass is definitely the most popular choice for doors, giving the shower stall a larger appearance and increasing the visibility of stylish fixtures and decorative tile work.

Shower doors are changing too. In addition to a frameless option, designers offer many other door styles as well. Single-swing and sliding doors are still popular, but Basco, a leading shower door manufacturer, offers a clear glass model that features two French-style swinging doors.

Within the shower enclosure, a bench or a seat provides comfort to a shower and makes up for the lack of the tub. It may also help older homeowners, those with physical challenges, and those planning to age their home.

More luxury can be added with the type of showerhead and jets built into the shower.

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