Sample Report

A professional home inspection report should be written using plain everyday English. No inspector-speak. No techno-babble. Just simple understandable words. I give you a computerized comprehensive report with detailed descriptions and pictures of what I find wrong and what you need to do about it.
Many other Boise home inspectors simply use a check-list report system where they mark some boxes, scribble a few handwritten notes and they're done. It's great for them because it's easy, but bad for you because you don't get any detail.
My reports are clear, thorough, concise, easy-to-read and organized so you can find the information you need quickly. Every report from Bent Nail Inspections is custom written with a focus on useful and relevant information. If something isn't right, I'll tell you why and what to do about it. All of my reports are computerized with digital pictures.
Reports are completed and e-mailed within 24 hours but usually the same day. A hard copy in a three ring binder, with a book on how a home is built, and lots of useful tips on keeping it in top shape will be delivered to you or your realtor.  My goal is for you the client to have a complete understanding of the home when you leave the inspection.
Sample report

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