Utilizing Every Little Space in Small Kitchens

Utilizing Every Little Space in Kitchens

How often does this happen to you? You find a terific property and you go see the home, adore the neighborhood and think the home has great curb appear. You go inside and the interior looks every bit as promising as the outside. There is a large master suite, plenty of natural light throughout the home and beautiful floors. Fall deeply in love with the home, then move to the kitchen. No matter how big the house, it seems there is never enough room in the kitchen. How do you do more with less space?

Lots of cabinets and appliances designers have been thinking along the same lines and offer some interesting products that multi-task as efficiently as their owners.

When there's no room for a pantry, a pantry cabinet can provide a similar function. With two sets of interior shelved doors, one behind the other, space for canned and boxed goods is abundant. Roll-out shelves in lower cabinets also double storage space for pots and pans, and make them easy to reach. A built-in trash unit keeps floor space unobstructed, and a tilt-out drawer in front of the sink can be used to hide sponges and scrubbers.

Is the kitchen missing a dishwasher or does the existing dishwasher take up too much room? How about a dish drawer? This product can scour a dinner service for six and uses less energy than a conventional dishwasher. The dish drawer is small enough, at 23 inches wide and 16 inches high, to fit under the sink. Countertop and table-top dishwashers are also available.

For the smallest kitchen spaces, several manufacturers now offer combination kitchens. One UMMIT C-48E, is 48 inches wide and combines a twenty-four inches wide refrigerator, a two-burner electric cooktop and a one piece sink.

Double duty appliances can also make a difference. A microwave and coffee maker combo allows you to save countertop space.

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